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What Jon Stands For

As a four-term State Representative for the Northland, Jon fought to fully fund our public schools, raise the minimum wage, expand Medicaid, protect the environment, and the put the needs of working families ahead of big money special interests. He has been a leading voice in state government calling for serious action to address the health and economic hardships of COVID-19.

Transparency​ and Ethics

Clay County must adhere to the Sunshine Law. Jon supports a more robust conflict-of-interest policy for county officeholders that should be consistently enforced.

Accountability to the People

County government must be a good steward of taxpayer money. It must be efficient, transparent, and accountable to citizens. 

Jon opposes wasteful spending and believes a public vote should be required before Clay County takes on any significant debt.

High-Priority Investments

The Clay County Commission should focus on improving infrastructure, promoting safe and thriving neighborhoods, and ensuring access to vital social services for our most vulnerable citizens. 

Solutions, Not Silliness

The Commission must be professional. Jon looks forward to putting the name calling and petty bickering behind us and focusing on real issues. Jon believes we deserve leaders who are more interested in solving problems rather than creating them.  


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